President – Caitlin Godfrey

Caitlin is excited to be taking up in the role of President this year. Having been on the Committee as Treasurer since the Choir began in 2012, she has developed a great understanding of how things work, and how to wing it when they don’t. Being Treasurer for a new group meant working out and making up a lot of things as the Choir grew, which is a skill that has proven equally as valuable in the role of VP. Outside of CYC, Caitlin is an avid Recorder player (all nine of them), minecrafter, cupcake maker, and cat lover (all aspects of life which have helped her in choir too!)
Despite not being an active singing member of CYC, Caitlin is delighted to still be involved as the Choir moves into its seventh year of operation, and continues onwards and upwards to new heights and experiences.

Vice President – Anja Stork

Music connects people so after moving to Christchurch in 2014 Anja decided that auditioning at CYC was the best way of getting to know people sharing a similar passion. She joined the choir in 2016 and loves singing in Alto 2. Her passion for New Zealand started on a six-months exchange programme at Darfield High School in 2006. She used to be involved in Choirs and Orchestras in Germany, participating in several competitions and projects. In addition to singing, she plays the Clarinet and Tenor saxophone. In her free time, Anja loves trying out new Cafes in Christchurch, going to farmer’s markets or practicing yoga. She still follows her favourite football team Bayer Leverkusen in Germany. Being a trained teacher for English and History, she now is the Regional Manager for a New Zealand High School Exchange organisation enabling kiwi students aspiring to spend some time overseas.

Immediate Past President – Luke Noble

Luke joined the Christchurch Youth Choir in 2013 and has thoroughly enjoyed his time as a singing member within the bass section. In addition to CYC he has been interested and involved in the performing arts for over 15 years. His passion for music led him to study at the University of Canterbury where he achieved his Bachelor of Music degree, majoring in Digital Music and Recording Technology. He has also completed his Graduate Diploma in Teaching and is now working as a Music Teacher at Middleton Grange School. Luke co-owns and operates his own sound hire business; Southern Audio, and regularly oversees sound at weddings, formals, churches and conferences. Luke plays the guitar and enjoys watching the Blackcaps (especially when they win). After sitting as President for the past 2 years he is excited to be able to assist Caitlin as she sets a fresh direction for 2018 in her role as President.

Secretary – Hamish Bates

In one way or another Hamish has been involved with singing throughout his life, from his love and passion of musical theatre, his brief flirtations with a garage band and various choirs across both halves of the country. While Hamish is from the North Island and for that he apologises, he has lived in Christchurch for 7 years, completing a BA honours degree in Psychology at the University of Canterbury last year. This is Hamish’s fourth year with CYC, having been recruited by several past and present members after MUSOC’s 2013 season of Little Shop of Horrors. Hamish has really enjoyed his time with the choir and singing second bass (even if he is a baritone) and the wide plethora of music that he has been exposed to. After participating in CYC’s tour of Brisbane last year and learning so much under the tutorage of the past and present exec, Hamish feels that he should pass on the knowledge that he has acquired to make him appear far more wise and majestic than he really is. He is also looking forward to a productive year with his fellow exec members and learning to not talk about himself in the third person.

Treasurer – Charlotte Wilson

Charlotte has been involved with the Christchurch Youth Choir since the choir began in 2012. She has been an active member of the choir as a soprano section leader and loves the opportunity it has given her to extend her musical abilities. Charlotte completed a Bachelor of Art degree Majoring in Music and Education. She took a year break in 2015 to complete a Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Primary) and is now working as a teacher at Elmwood Normal School where she also conducts the Junior Choir. Charlotte is the secretary for Christchurch School Music Festival and also works as a vocal coach and conductor for the Senior Special Choir. Charlotte is looking forward to bringing on fresh new ideas.

General Executive – Caitlin Wright

Caitlin Wright (the other Caitlin) has been a member of the soprano section since 2016 and is excited to be taking on some responsibility this year. She began singing in 2011 as part of the southern youth choir when she attended the University of Otago. She obtained a BSc as well as a Postgraduate diploma in medical technology – Cardiology, and now works as a cardiac physiologist in both the public and private sectors. In her free time she enjoys spoiling her dog, watching far too much Netflix, reading, and avoiding sports at all costs.

General Executive – Tom Bagnall